Welcome to Soaringwords. We are so excited to share the Soaringwords’ SOARING into Strength Positive Health Workshops with you and others throughout the Tampa Bay community.

Our Mission

Soaringwords’ mission is to inspire children, families, adults, and healthcare professionals to take active roles in self-healing. Soaringwords is the only organization integrating the latest science from leading Positive Psychology experts in an accessible, user-friendly initiative. Since 2000, Soaringwords’ expressive projects and interventions, delivered through immersive videos and workshops, have been shared with over 500,000 children, families, and adults grappling with challenges and setbacks.

Event Details

Please sign up for the workshops you want to attend and then we will send you a Zoom link along with your very own Soaringwords workbook that has been customized for each one of the 4 individual SOARING into Strength topics. Your privacy and safety is important to us — that’s why we are taking the extra step to have each person register for each workshop so everyone can participate in a comfortable, safe space.

Events and Workshops

SOARING into Resilience:

These times demand tremendous resilience and grit. Learn how to overcome negative thinking traps to experience more well-being.

Overcoming Trauma:

Scientific studies show that most people recover from life crises transformed and even stronger than before. This is called Post-Traumatic Growth. You’ll learn the 5 Stages of PTG and how to tap into them in difficult times.

Why Loneliness Matters and What You Can Do to Feel More Connected:

Learn practical, easy-to-use strategies to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness, even while physically distancing. This workshop will show you how to savor memories and create positive rituals to help you feel more joyful and connected.

Learned Hopefulness:

Hope is active, wishing is passive. Learn how to use Hope to reduce worry and fear, to realize positive outcomes and to strengthen relationships.